The Anti-Pot Politicians

Charlie Baker

Meet the Massachusetts GOP candidate for governor who openly opposes the legalization of cannabis.

Martha Coakley

Meet the Massachusetts Democratic front-runner for governor who also opposes legalization.

Joe Kennedy and Bill Keating

Here are your U.S. representatives who voted against stopping the justice department from interfering with the Massachusetts medical marijuana law. Stop voting for them.


The Amherst Bulletin deserves the highest praise for printing this.

Editorial Blasts Media and Climate Communications Specialist


Ross and school officials don’t want to be part of a genuine community dialogue. That’s too messy, too unpredictable, too likely to force them to confront tough questions about their role in the tensions that marred the last school year and — if not addressed forthrightly — could tarnish the one ahead….

Boil down the bureaucratic doublespeak and this is Ross’s clear message: Parents, teachers and concerned community members are not the “experts.” We are. Don’t call us for a community conversation, we’ll call you.

The effort led by Ross, the school district and the town calls itself Amherst Together. If officials continue their Orwellian efforts to control the conversation, they may need to change that to Amherst Apart.


Governor’s Councilor Michael Albano appears to tweak Hampden County Sheriff Ashe with endorsement announcement on day of venerated clambake


This appeared in the Springfield Republican column Cries and Whispers pertaining to former Springfield Mayor and current Governor’s Councilor Michael J. Albano:

Michael J. Albano, former Springfield Mayor, Governor’s Councilor - and rumored hopeful to succeed Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe - released an announcement that the correctional employees union endorsed him for a second term on the council.

Whether by design or coincidence, the announcement went out the same day as Ashe’s 37th annual clambake, billed by the office as a “glorious tradition” and clearly the premier political smoochfest of the region. Incumbents and candidates trying to scrap their way into the fray will attend.

Albano was absent, C&W is told. But one wonders whether the timing of the announcement was another stir in the pot in what will undoubtedly be one of the longest political campaigns locally. The election will not take place until 2016.

Nick Cocchi, deputy chief of security with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, who appears to be Ashe’s protege, is the only declared candidate for the office thus far. But several names including Albano’s, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, and state Rep. Angelo Puppolo have been swirling as possibilities through political circles.


Would Albano actually dare to run for Sheriff? According to this excerpt from The Diary of J. Wesley Miller Albano has had an interest in running a jail since at least 2002:

Eamon said he is very concerned about the announced closing of Main Music, which he called “the worst retail and cultural blow to Springfield since the closing of Johnson’s Bookstore.” Eamon decided to call the store and find out the inside information.

The owner is Fred Borelli, and he told Eamon he is not relocating, he is just plain closing. He told Eamon that his CD sales were down 5% last year and another 7% in just the last six months. He described City Hall as insensitive to small businesses, and said the lack of free parking downtown is also a real problem. Borelli went on to say that he grew up with Mayor Albano but whenever they run into each other Albano never has much to say. He said he asked Albano recently what he would like to do if he doesn’t seek re-election in 2003 and Albano told him that he wouldn’t mind being the warden of the new woman’s prison going up in Chicopee.


So who knows? Hi everybody, this is Tom speaking. Here is Albano’s rebuttal printed in plain type. Everything in italics is my commentary.

Responding to the recently published Cries and Whispers in the Republican, the Albano Committee today released the following statement:

What committee? Who’s on it? Talking about yourself in the third person is a sign of mental illness.

FACT: Councillor Albano is running for re election to a 2nd term on the Governor’s Council in 2014. Despite having no formal opposition in the Primary and General Elections, Councillor Albano is vigorously campaigning in all four counties which he represents.

And also fundraising like mad for someone with no opponent.

FACT: The Sheriff’s race is in 2016 - for those who may believe the election is this November.

Give the voters credit for having some intelligence - then again - they elected you.

FACT: For those who do early Holiday shopping, there are 3 - count them- 3 Christmas seasons before the next election for Sheriff of Hampden County.

And all we want for Christmas is for you to retire.

FACT: The endorsement of the National Correctional Employees Union of Councillor Albano was totally coincidental to Sheriff Ashe’s Annual Clambake.

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge over the Connecticut River for sale real cheap.

FACT: Councillor Albano was attending to his Constitutional responsibilities at the State House on Wednesday. Two confirmation hearings of judicial nominations by Governor Patrick, one from Franklin County, were held by the Governor’s Council. The hearings did not conclude until 4:15. He did not arrive home until 7pm - after the Sheriff’s Clambake had concluded.

No one said they missed you.

For the immediate future, Councillor Albano will be focused on nominations submitted to the Council from the Governor to include; Judicial, Clerk Magistrate, Parole, and Industrial Accident Board through January 7, 2015 when Governor Patrick leaves office.

Frankly, you serve the public better when you take time off to go to clambakes.

His focus for the next session will include: ensuring a smooth transition of the Governor’s Council to the next Administration; filing legislation to overhaul the Probate Court system; a review of programs and policies relating to those individuals incarcerated who are afflicted with mental illness; lobbying to pass pending legislation for a feasibility study for the Hampden County Hall of Justice; and increasing resources for the judicial system.

If you’re as good a Governor’s Councilor as you were a Mayor, all those goals are in jeopardy.

FACT: For those who know anything about politics, 3 years is more than an eternity.

Not as much of an eternity as your terms in office. 

Having said that:

FACT: Michael Albano plans to be on the State Ballot in 2016.

Thanks for the warning.

For the record, Councillor Albano was greatly amused by the C&W and the speculation regarding his political future.

You may be laughing, but the public is crying.

Horton Hears a Profit.

Inside Dr. Seuss Inc.


Interesting article about the commercialization of the Dr. Seuss books. He was from Springfield of course, a city with which he had a relationship of mixed emotions. Here’s an interesting account of his last visit to Springfield, as recorded in The Diary of J. Wesley Miller:

I told Eamon about my calling McDermott about McLain at the Quad, and Eamon recalled how back in the 1980’s the city’s leaders realized that they could make money off of Dr. Seuss and wanted him to come to Springfield, even though Seuss had never lived in the city as an adult and never visited Springfield after his parents died. They managed to get Seuss to come to Springfield in 1986 when he was very elderly. Eamon said there were so many local politicians trying to share the spotlight that Seuss got mad when they visited his old grammar school on Sumner Avenue and ordered everyone out of the classroom. No one is sure what Seuss said to the students, but being alone for a few minutes with the Springfield school children seemed to be the only part of the visit Seuss enjoyed. Later, some dignitaries took Seuss on a limousine tour of the town and Seuss expressed dismay about his inability to find the landmarks of his youth because so many had been torn down.

“What have you done to my city?” Dr. Seuss exclaimed to Mayor Neal. “This is not my home!”


Charlie Baker beating all Democrats in new poll

Republican Charlie Baker has edged ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley in the race for governor, taking the lead by the slimmest of margins for the first time in the Globe’s weekly poll.

The survey found the hypothetical general election race in a statistical dead heat, with 38 percent of respondents saying they would support Baker for governor, a slight edge over the 37 percent who said they favor Coakley. Though Baker’s lead remains well within the margin of error, it shows movement in a race between the two likeliest candidates for the November election.


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