CNN Poll: A regretful nation really wishes it had elected Mitt Romney

If you voted for Obama in 2012 and you now regret your once-fervent opinion that Mitt Romney was “too 1%” for the White House, Congratulations. You’re not alone.  According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, the United States is going through a collective bout of the “shoulda-couldas.”

By an almost 10-point margin, voters would now vote for Mitt Romney rather than Barack Obama.  …And the margin is growing.


They smell a winner.

Baker Raising More Money Than Any of His Rivals


The map showed the most volatile part of the state for fundraising was western Massachusetts, where Baker, Coakley, Grossman and Berwick each could claim to have raised the most in different communities.

Western Massachusetts also had the highest concentration of communities where residents decided to keep their wallets closed. Of the 30 communities statewide where no resident had contributed $50 or more to any gubernatorial candidate, 25 were located in western Massachusetts.


Putting thumb on scale is the Beacon Hill way

The O’Brien verdicts tied several high-profile lawmakers to fraudulent hiring at the Probation Department. These lawmakers include Senate President Therese Murray, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, Rep. Thomas Petrolati, Sen. Mark Montigny, as well as a pair of fallen House speakers, Sal DiMasi and Thomas Finneran.


the noose tightens.

Ware says his probe did not clear DeLeo

As for the defense claim at the trial that O’Brien and his colleagues were practicing the same type of patronage that other officials routinely engaged in, Ware acknowledged that “there’s plenty of corruption to go around” in the public and private sectors. But he said the “everybody-is-doing-it” argument is not persuasive.

“That should not deter us from trying to enforce the law and the standards the public expects,” he said. “I’m unsympathetic to the argument that others may be corrupt.”


up against the wall muthafucka

The Conscience of an Anarchist: A Review

How do states harm poor people? Oh let me count the ways…patent and copyright laws, which impede competition, immigration restrictions, which lock people out of opportunities, licenses, which prevent people from entering the market, regulation that is often originated in rent seeking, the money monopoly, which helps large banks and currency manipulators, credit laws, which crush small banks through capitalization requirements, tariffs, which protect large companies from foreign competition, transportation, which helps big box corporations through highway subsidies, urban sprawl policies, which enrich construction companies, research subsidies, which hook the public on risky investments, limited liability laws that protect large corporations from lawsuits, labor laws that restrict the ability of unions to defend their workers, bailouts that directly redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich, eminent domain, which rewards land to political donors, a tax code that can be gamed by the wealthy, the military industrial complex that enriches weapons manufacturers, and more.


We’re Missing the Story

The Media’s Retreat From Foreign Reporting

THE Western news media are in crisis and are turning their back on the world. We hardly ever notice. Where correspondents were once assigned to a place for years or months, reporters now handle 20 countries each. Bureaus are in hub cities, far from many of the countries they cover. And journalists are often lodged in expensive bungalows or five-star hotels. As the news has receded, so have our minds.


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Wilbraham selectman and aspiring state rep Robert Russell wiped out $500,000 in debts in bankruptcy court

The 60 Minute Photo chain – started by Russell’s father in 1981, with 10 outlets at its peak – fell victim to the digital photo revolution, while Russell’s family restaurant on Boston Road was slowly driven out of business by chain-owned competitors.