Will GOP party like it’s 1946? Republicans aim for historic House majority

Congressional Republicans, buoyed by the president’s unpopularity, aren’t just looking to keep control of the House this year. They want to build a historic majority, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the end of World War II.

GOP leaders for months have been pushing what they call their “Drive to 245” – an ambitious plan to bring their numbers in the House to 245 seats. To get there, the party would have to win a net 11 seats.


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I’ve Seen Ben Affleck’s Dick and This Is What It Looks Like

Finally, it came. It’s on screen for no longer than a second, and it’s a dark scene with the kind of blue hue that director David Fincher often uses. The camera swings around from Affleck’s ass to reveal…something. The dick sits under what looked like a ball of pubic hair from the ’70s, and it’s shrouded in a shadow. It’s soft, obviously. I don’t think you see the head because of the way it’s framed. It looks like it could be five inches or ten inches. Who knows? The reveal of Ben Affleck’s dick is the definition of a cock tease. You’re given just enough to want more.


In between yawns.

Five moments that mattered in Monday’s gubernatorial debate in Springfield

After Lively, an anti-gay pastor from Springfield, made a veiled reference to homosexuality as a “sexual perversion,” Baker said he was offended “as the brother of a gay man who lives and is married in Massachusetts.”


Will Massachusetts voters rescue their state from Deval Patrick’s gambling law?

Gambling’s role in capturing the Democratic party for big money has occasioned anguish among those who think of theirs as the party of the common man. Whom to back? The people who bankroll your party or the people your party claims to represent? The only one of the four leading candidates in the recent Massachusetts Democratic primary for governor to oppose casino gambling unequivocally was President Obama’s former Medicaid administrator Donald Berwick. Maybe that was naïve of him—as naïve as thinking that a recess appointment from an unpopular president could be the launching pad for a career in state politics. On the other hand, Democratic attorney general candidate Maura Healey ran the most successful primary campaign of the season by addressing casinos directly. She called casino gambling the state’s number-one consumer-protection issue. Standing in Springfield, where the mayor hopes slot machines will soon have the city’s underclass designing software and eating insalata caprese, she said, “When I see casino gambling, I see predatory lending, I see personal bankruptcies, addiction, prostitution, and organized crime.” She clobbered her closest rival, the former lieutenant governor nominee, Warren Tolman, by 24 points.


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