The Three Stooges in Chicopee, but I must say that at least Berwick is right on casinos.

Democratic governor candidates Don Berwick, Martha Coakley, Steve Grossman clash over immigration, casinos in Western Mass. debate

Berwick, the former head of the federal office that oversees Medicare and Medicaid, is the only one who opposes casinos in the state.

"Casinos kill jobs. Listen to me. Casinos kill communities," said Berwick when asked if he supports the repeal initiative. "I have every respect for those who think casinos will do good. They will not."


deja vu all over again.

Poll: Romney breaks away in Iowa


The day after Mitt Romney opened the door to another possible presidential run, a new poll shows he has a huge lead among likely 2016 Iowa Republican caucus voters.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday, 35 percent of likely GOP caucus voters would vote for the 2012 GOP nominee in 2016. When Romney’s name was added to the pool, no other candidate received double-digit votes.


I’m ready to collect my share.

Digital ads the next big thing in campaigns

A leading ad research firm recently estimated that more than $270 million will be spent across the country this cycle on digital campaign efforts — an 1,825 percent increase from 2010, when the first generation of tablet computers was just hitting the market.

And just wait until 2016, when online political spending could top almost $1 billion and for the first time surpass newspapers, direct mail and telemarketing. Digital spending will still lag a long way behind TV, but it’s creeping closer to cable and radio budgets.

Hopefully Western Mass will repay the favor and ignore Coakley.

Coakley’s First TV Ad Ignores Western MA, Panned By Media

BOSTON – Attorney General Martha Coakley’s first television ad is running only in Boston, ignoring the Springfield area and Western Massachusetts voters. Making matters worse, the ad was panned by media yesterday.

“It’s not clear whether Coakley’s splintered support and abysmal fundraising made a statewide ad buy cost prohibitive, or if she is taking Western Massachusetts for granted, but she sent a clear signal to voters in the Springfield area that she is not interested in talking to them,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chairman. “Coakley took the people of Massachusetts for granted once and failed in spectacular fashion and it looks like she didn’t learn from her mistakes.”


Coakley fading, Grossman surging and Berwick out of it

A charged-up Steve Grossman — buoyed yesterday by a Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll showing a 12-point gap between him and front-runner Martha Coakley ahead of the Sept. 9 Democratic gubernatorial primary — framed the tightening race as a looming deja vu of the attorney general’s stunning U.S. Senate loss, when her huge polling leads evaporated in a historic upset four years ago

“I was told a little earlier that Martha Coakley was ahead of Scott Brown by 15 points with 13 days left. And we know what happened,” the state treasurer said in the wake of polling showing he trails Coakley, 42-30, among “very likely” voters ahead of the Sept. 9 primary, a far cry from the 30-plus-point advantage Coakley once held.


Yes, but you’ll die with a smile on your face.

Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison

Lustig argues that sugar creates an appetite for itself by a determinable hormonal mechanism – a cycle, he says, that you could no more break with willpower than you could stop feeling thirsty through sheer strength of character. He argues that the hormone related to stress, cortisol, is partly to blame. “When cortisol floods the bloodstream, it raises blood pressure; increases the blood glucose level, which can precipitate diabetes. Human research shows that cortisol specifically increases caloric intake of ‘comfort foods’.” High cortisol levels during sleep, for instance, interfere with restfulness, and increase the hunger hormone ghrelin the next day. This differs from person to person, but I was jolted by recognition of the outrageous deliciousness of doughnuts when I haven’t slept well.


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